7 Biggest Technology Trends in 2022 for Consumer

7 biggest technology trends in 2022 for consumer

Today, we are going to figure out the 7 biggest technology trends in 2022 for consumers.

Domestic Robots

we are already used to seeing more robots in our homes. We have robotic vacuum cleaners, we have robotic lawn mowers, pool cleaners. we will increasingly see robots that can help us with education. we see robots in the healthcare setting to monitor the elderly and children potentially. In 2022 amazon will release Astro which is probably the first general-purpose home robot in the market. We can use this as a rolling security robot or it could be an Alexa on the wheel that comes and find you when you have a call or you have alerts. It also has will have a personal personality so it can keep you company or just provide some general entertainment for you. We’ve had other companies like Samsung launch their first home robot and tesla has just announced their tesla bot which would be another home robot that is on the horizon.

Amazon Astro

Smarter Things

Another key trend will be smarter things. Now, we have smart everything. In the past smart things meant basically they were connected to the internet. Internet nowadays we have AI built-in. AI and machine learning make our cars more intelligent. It allows them to be autonomous or increasingly autonomous. We now have intelligent yoga mats and similarly, we have smart home appliances and we have another good example; a smart tv that uses AI to even adapt its picture and sound to its environment. They have inbuilt things like natural language recognition algorithms that allow us to control them with our voice or they have motion and machine vision so we can operate them with our gesture. So, this will increasingly happen in 2022 and there are some amazing gadgets on the horizon.

Virtual Reality & Augmented Reality

The other big trend is virtual reality & augmented reality and the internet of sensors we now have amazing AR capabilities in our phones so they have better sensors. We can put dinosaurs into our rooms. If you want to shop for an apple, you can place all of them into augmented reality to walk around to zoom in and zoom out and see the product for real. We will have more portable more immersive virtual reality. Facebook and Ray-ban have just released smart glasses. These new generations of smart glasses almost look like normal glasses that you put on and will allow you to enter the virtual world connected to your phone. So, it’s completely mobile and we will have a more realistic ultra-realistic image and sound quality and even some of the latest innovations will bring things like smell and feel to the virtual world.


The next trend is the metaverse in 2022, we will see a new matrix movie coming out and this will give us a good sense of this metaverse the digital universe that we could operate in and companies like Facebook Nvidia and Microsoft have laid out their plans to create this immersive online environment or environments that offer this persistent world for work socializing and play. We are seeing some of this happening in the gaming world for example where you have in fortnight people performing concerts you can potentially in the future go to and watch a movie. We’re seeing this individual world where you have shopping and gaming and other things all merged together into this metaverse world.

Ultra-fast networks

The next key trend is ultra-fast networks especially 5g or with 6g on the horizon. We will see 5g capabilities becoming the norm so this will give us super-fast internet connectivity anywhere which also helps to untether some of our devices like virtual reality and gaming. We will have the ability to stream high-definition video as well as cloud gaming which would be a big game-changer so instead of having a game console, somewhere you can just play the game using the cloud. This means all the processing power that you need can be done remotely and you simply stream and enjoy a game.

Smart Homes

Another key trend is smart homes and the internet of things. The average home could contain more than 500 smart devices during 2022. We should see the launch of Matter; this is the smart home OS created in collaboration among tech giants like Apple Google and Amazon. This aims to create a standard operating environment for connected devices in the home which will push this market and this is going to be a market predicted to grow to over 50 billion dollars in 2022.

NFT, Blockchain and Digital Twins

Another key trend is NFT non-fungible tokens and blockchain and digital twins. We are putting all of these together in one category because their application is as compute consumer technology and they’re closely related to each other. Blockchains where you have this persistent distributed and encrypted digital ledger, NFTs then are unique tokens that can be created and stored on the blockchain, and then we have digital twins so digital models or replicas of real-world products or processes and this will change the way we interact with technology. So, in 2022 we will start to see them impacting consumer products in a big way. Consumer brands including Sony, Asics, Coca-Cola, and others have signaled their intentions to be part of this NFT space and we can expect to see digital goods and services designed to complement and augment physical consumer products in 2022. Hopefully, this gives you a good overview of what is going to happen and what will happen in 2022.

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