When Apple is launching a self driving electric car?

When Apple is launching a self driving electric car

When Apple is launching a self driving electric car? Today we are going to figure out the answer of this question. As we all know Apple is the company that pioneered graphics interfaces and made the greatest music player that shaped a generation. It is responsible for the biggest technological revolution in decades. It is the most valuable company in the world that requires no introduction. However, we still consider it a tech company over the past decade or so and largely since Steve Jobs influence has faded. The company has begun to shift towards much more software and service-based business model. It looks like the first major breakthrough away from computer technology might be on the horizon today.

Apple is hiring a climate system expert from Volvo car, a senior engineer from general motors companies, and multiple other engineers from Tesla. It seems that they are now planning to do everything in-house. Apple’s AI and machine learning Chief John Giandria, the man who will probably be responsible for getting the software part of the thing settled finally joined the team as well. They can pull it off and honestly if they managed to do it.

When Apple is lunching a self driving electric car?

They will be successful because while tesla is too engrossed in the EV side of things and their other competitors like alphabet’s Waymo focusing only on software. As apple’s executive Mark German himself put it the kinds of things we love to work on are those where there’s a requirement of hardware software and services to come together magic occurs at that intersection. Fans have always speculated about what an apple car may look like. For the longest time that was always brushed away as Fan boy talk.

Chip for Apple’s car will be designed in-house and made by TSMC (Taiwanese chip-maker). Apple also employs for their iPhone and mac chips for a while it was rumored that Apple might partner with Hyundai KIA to make the automobile bits of the car with reported plans for a 3.6 billion dollar investment in Kito motors. However, in February of this year, those companies claim that the deal did not go through.

However, everything became clearer in February of 2015 when a mysterious van that was reported to belong to Apple was spotted in northern California which as you may know is the home of Apple itself. At that time most people thought that this was something like Google street view others began to think something more serious. However, the presence of drivers in the vans and apple’s insistence that all of it was related to their maps quickly squashed those rumors. But as it would be later revealed those few people weren’t in the wrong.


Apple self-driving electronic car

According to the most recent reports it was back in 2014 that apple officially gave birth to project titan which you guessed is the name given to their automotive initiative. According to the wall street journal their sources claim that at that time apple already had hundreds of employees working on this so-called project titan and not only that they seemed pretty serious about it too.

CEO Tim Cook himself spoke about it and confirmed the rumor that the project was in fact real. We’re focusing on autonomous systems it’s a core technology that we view as very important. We regard it as the root of all AI projects. It’s apparently one of the most complex AI projects to work on. Now, this actually happened because of software regulations requiring a lot more publicity but whatever the matter maybe it worked and since then more and more cars have been spotted all over the country all seemingly gathering data and testing the required information.

apple self-driving car
When Apple is launching a self driving electric car? - apple electric car

While the past two years have been a bit of a wrench in well everyone’s plans with big companies like Apple taking a hit too. It’s no secret that the project has taken a while to get a date. All the rumors just this week reporters from Bloomberg revealed that the California tech giant is looking to not only hasten its efforts toward the car but has started.

The project was just meant as an exploration of different options with the two main ones being a car that sold because of its electric nature with performance and speed being at selling points or one that focused on being able to drive without human intervention. Under the leadership of apple watch software executive Kevin Lynch, the company developers are now focusing solely on the second option. Unlike Tesla and other electric cars, which are only slowly increasing the self-driving functionality of already existing cars.


Apple self driving car launching in next few years

Apple is instead trying to push towards a car that has a fully self-driving system in the first version. The project has been on and off since 2014 we finally seem to be getting confirmation that the company is taking this seriously. Apple’s former head of the project Doug Field after three years in charge just left for a seemingly more attractive job at ford motor company who we can safely assume is working on self-driving cars of their own. The special projects group is trying an expert mechanical engineer to command the development of mechanical operations with safety-critical functions.

In fact, the news is so big that as soon as it was reported apple shares gained as much as 2.4 percent to 157.23 cents per share. What does this mean for apple the electric car world may seem to us a pretty recent craze. However, the fact of the matter is that the world’s biggest companies have been trying to get into the business. We all know that the future however it may happen will be electric but an electric car is only half of the story.

When Apple is launching a self driving electric car?

Apple is launching a self driving electric car in 2025. Apple will be moving away from its roots it doesn’t mean they’ll be cutting off its original strengths. While their most obvious competitors like Tesla might have a lot of experience in hardware and stuff. Apple has spent a lot of time developing and honing an entirely different skill set of software.

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