Is it safe to buy second-hand mobile in Nepal 2022?

Is it safe to buy second-hand mobile in Nepal?

Today we will try to find the answer of Is it safe to buy second-hand mobile in Nepal? Mobile is extensively used everywhere in the world. Mobile is an essential thing in the twenty-first century. Today we will try to find out Is it safe to buy second-hand mobile in Nepal? Mobile is used for many purposes like telephonic conversation, surfing the internet, business purpose, buying and selling goods, keeping in touch with family and friends, entertainment like listening to music, radio, watching TV and Movies, and many more. None of us can imagine a single day without a mobile.

In Nepal, mobile users are heavily increasing. Nepal Telecommunications Authority (NTA) published a report on Jan 2021 that shows there are more than 38.21 million mobile users in our country Nepal. The estimated total population of Nepal is 28.6 million. This means Mobile phone users are 34.64% higher than the total population of Nepal.

Is it safe to buy second-hand mobile in Nepal?

safe to buy second-hand mobile Nepal

Budget smartphones have high demand in the Nepali market. Second-hand mobile sets are cheaper than a new smartphone. But the concern is that, is it safe to buy secondhand mobile in Nepal? The mobile you are buying may be found or stolen and registered in police record history. Hence, it is not safe to buy second-hand mobile in Nepal. If you are buying it you can take some measures.

According to Nepali law buying a stolen mobile is also a criminal offend. The case will be more worst if it is used for any criminal activities like ransom, threaten, etc. In the first six months of 2018, police registered 7,984 complaints of mobile stolen or lost cases. Among them, only 604 were found, which is below 10 percent of total complaints.


Another problem with second-hand mobile is a software update. Most of the second-hand mobiles are more than one year old. Mobile companies do not provide security updates after 2-3 years. Using Smartphones without security updates may have many consequences. You are inviting hackers to misuse your mobile. You are susceptible to exploitation or eligible for vulnerabilities. Vulnerable mobile provides full or partial access to your phone, including personal or professional emails, contact numbers or email addresses, bank information and details, audio phone calls, front and back camera.


How to check if your phone is hacked?

  • Inappropriate advertising pop-up on your phone.
  • Automatic call or message initiated.
  • Mobile is using more than usual internet data.
  • Mobile battery drains usually.
  • Unknown mobile apps are installed.
  • Unusual activities on social accounts.
  • Stop incoming calls and messages.

What you should do if your phone is hacked?

  • Remove unknown apps.
  • Scan mobile by anti-malware applications.
  • Reset all passwords.
  • Let your all contacts know about your mobile status.
  • Reset your mobile.
  • Contact the official service center.

Things to consider before buying second-hand phones in Nepal

  • Check the physical condition of the mobile.
  • Check the mobile screen.
  • Check all the sensors and connectivity.
  • Check the camera and make sure it is working properly.
  • Check the phone’s theft history and make sure it is not stolen or found.
  • Check the original bills and documents.


We all love to buy products with less price tag. The income source of Nepali is relatively low. To get the cheaper price we have to compromise with the quality and buy a low-budget smartphone or we have to buy a second-hand mobile set. There is no exact answer in “Yes” or “No” of the question: is it safe to buy second-hand mobile in Nepal?

But we can definitely say, buying a second-hand mobile in Nepal is not illegal but before buying second-hand mobile,we have to consider some points as mentioned above in the “Things to consider before buying second-hand phones in Nepal” section. If you get cheaper mobile, never jump to buy. Check everything and make sure it is safe to use. Buy second-hand mobile from reliable source. Ask for a shop bill for second-hand mobile or photocopy of an ID if you are buying from an individual. This will help if you got any legal problems due to a mobile set. Stay safe and good luck.


This article was written by World Tech Khabar

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