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Today we will checkout iPhone 14 features leaks. The iPhone 13 has only launched two months ago. Today we will figure out what will be the features of the iPhone 14. As we know apple is famous for innovation of future technology and its premium quality . Apple products are status symbol today. What will be the features of iPhone 14? How it will different from iPhone 13 in terms of features and looks.

iPhone 14 trailer video. Check out iPhone features highlight leaks.

Apple drops the mini model entirely from iPhone 14. The main reason for this is sales despite. There is a lot of initial interest in a smaller model. But later on, people just went for the larger ones. The other reason why apple is likely dropping the mini is just how difficult it is to add modern components such as larger camera units into a small-sized phone. However, Apple is launching a new iPhone size as a replacement for the mini is a 6.7-inch model that would be inferior in terms of specs to the iPhone 14 Pro Max. But it would have the same display size. The lineup will then be iPhone 14, iPhone 14 Pro, iPhone 14 max, and iPhone 14 Pro Max.

This might be a very hard one to believe but it’s looking extremely likely that the notch is finally going away. The iPhone 10 had a ginormous notch similar to the iPhone 10s, the iPhone 11 and even the 12 had the exact same notch. The iPhone 13 had smaller but only a tiny bit but even when we compare the iPhone 13 to some of the android competition not just from today but also from yesterday you can see how outdated the iPhone 13’s notch really is. So with the iPhone 14 Apple is apparently going to move the face id tech under the display. But keep the front camera above the display for the best possible quality. It gives us both the minimal look that we’re used to from android phones while still retaining face id.

In March 2021 iPhone 14 models likely the pro models would drop the notch in favor of punch-hole display. This info was then backed up by display analyst Ross Young who so far has a perfect 100 track record. Apple’s goal is to embed face id under the display rather than to remove it in favor of touch heading. So it’s looking very likely that the iPhone 14 at least the pro models would indeed drop the notch in favor of a punch hole. Apple will be releasing their very first full-screen iPhone with an under-the-display camera.

iPhone 14 Pro Titanium Body
iphone-14 features and leaks 2022
iPhone-14 features and leaks 2022

The iPhone 14 will also have an entirely new look in terms of its back. The iPhone 14 is set to take even more inspiration from the iPhone 4. It will have frame almost identical to the iPhone 4’s sandwich-style frame where the display and the back glass were sitting on top of the frame rather than the frame being flush like it is. Another change is that the frame will apparently be made out of titanium rather than stainless steel which will make the iPhone 14 lighter especially needed on the pro models while still retaining that premium look and as a bonus, it won’t be as shiny. The speaker grills could once again resemble the iPhone 4’s larger individual grilles rather than the iPhone 13’s multiple smaller grilles which should in theory allow for a greater volume.

iphone14 pro features and leaks 2022

iPhone 14 Pro features and leaks: 2022

For the past six years iPhones have had the same resolution on the back-facing camera 12 megapixels they switched from 8 megapixels to 12 with the iPhone 6s and they did that because they wanted to add 4k video which requires at least an 8.3-megapixel sensor on the android side. We’ve seen much higher megapixel counts such as 48 megapixels, 50 megapixels, 64 megapixels and even 108 megapixels but apple kept on using 12 megapixels. This does look inferior on paper but in reality, it does actually give apple the advantage when it comes to low light performance especially in the video. 

Apple will have resolution of the camera to 48 megapixels using a four to one binning method which means that the photos that you’ll get will still be 12 megapixels in size but when the camera needs the extra resolution it can use it big. iPhone 14 may be able to record 8k video for which we do indeed need at least a 33-megapixel sensor and he also stated that this extra resolution would also be useful for AR as it would have way more data points to capture. Eventually, translate to the apple glasses blue light performance and pixel beaming mode would be improved. They are featuring larger 2.5-micron size pixels from 1.9. Using smartphone cameras with pixel building tech like the galaxy s21 ultra or the pixel 6 pro or a few others the video performance in low light is extremely poor so pixel bidding just doesn’t seem to work with video.

Apple is said to be using the brand new Qualcomm x65 modem. It’s not an apple-made 5g chip quite yet which we’re only expecting to get in 2023. But this will be one that will allow us to get speeds of up to 1.25 gigabytes per second. Of course, in the real world, we won’t actually get those speeds but it’s good to know that if you plan on keeping your iPhone for five or even six years or more then the iPhone 14 would be ready for when the 5g speeds eventually catch up. Satellite-based emergency features that were rumored to come to the iPhone 13. This feature might come with iPhone 14. We’re not quite sure about that just yet but it is a possibility. The iPhone 14 will feature Wi-Fi 6 which will facilitate high-speed wireless connectivity to their upcoming VR and AR headsets.

We have car crash detection this was reported by the wall street journal that apple is working on taking the data from the accelerometer and the gyroscope and automatically calling the emergency services. When your iPhone detects that it’s been in a car crash so kind of similar to how fault detection works on the apple watch. You won’t notice it until you need it.

We have the apple A16 chip now this is a pretty obvious one as apple has had new iPhone chips every year since the iPhone 4. The A16 chip will be based on the new four-nanometer process this offers a performance boost over n5 and a 22 reduction in power consumption. But keep in mind that the performance improvements of the a16 over the a15 will be very minor. It will have 6 core graphics.

Apple is adding a vapor cooling chamber now this sounds way fancier than it is especially on a mobile phone but some smartphones already have it especially gaming. Vapor cooling chambers are used to keep the processor cool. But apple may not use it for only cooling purposes; it would be to increase the performance and balance out the small performance improvement that we are expecting to see from tsmcs and 4p process.

Another change of iPhone 14 will be a massive improvement to the battery life. Batter will come up with 4500 mah that will have 25 watt charging capacity. Apple will have a custom version of their chips based on the m4p process so apple’s version could be even more power efficient which combined with the iPhone 14’s notable thickness increase could actually give us an even bigger battery boost than the iPhone 13 gave us.

The next feature of iPhone 14 will be the periscope zoom module this is what phones like the galaxy s21 ultra, pixel 6 pro, Huawei p40 pro, and others have. It’s a very high optical zoom module with a magnification such as 4x or even 10x far greater than apple’s 3x and that’s only made possible. Thanks to the telephoto lenses are flat as they have more space that way and then a mirror would reflect the light from outside the module onto the sensor. Unfortunately, this does take a lot of space inside the phone. In late 2020, apple was looking for periscope telephoto module suppliers but because of the many patents owned by Samsung, they were not able to find one and create their own version which is what apple apparently wants to do. Apple might be able to circumvent Samsung’s patents for a 2023 release of their own periscope camera module. In 2022 they might actually use Samsung’s own components and pay the royalty fees to include a periscope module inside select models of the iPhone 14. Although, the chance of the periscope zoo module happening next year is quite small. We hope at least some sort of AI up scaling similar to what Google is doing on the pixel 6 pros to make its 4x lens almost as good as Samsung’s 10x lens.

iPhone 14 features highlights 2022: leaks and concepts

  • No nouch
  • Single center-mounted hole punch selfie camera
  • Titanium steel frame
  • 6.1 “ and 6.7” display, super retina XDR+ Screen
  • 120 Hz display
  • 13 MP(wide), 13 MP(ultrawide), 13 MP(telephoto)
  • No camera bump
  • HDR10+ capable of 8k photos
  • A16 bionic chipset with 6 core graphics
  • 5G Network
  • 8 GB RAM with upto 1 TB ROM
  • 4500mAh battery with 25 watt charging capacity
  • IP68 water & dust Resistant
  • Under display Face ID

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