Google vs. Apple Smartphones

Google vs. Apple Smartphones

Google vs. Apple Smartphones: Similar Capabilities, Polar Opposites in Strategic Execution

Many times we face difficulties to choose between the two best company products. Many users nowadays are facing similar difficulties to choose between apple smartphones and google smartphones. Both companies provide the best display experience, high-quality cameras, and differentiated designs.

Apple is well known for its technologies, innovation, user experience, and quality itself. Likewise, Google focuses on providing more features and value for money smartphones. Apple believes in its Eco-system, form, appearance, easy-to-use interface, and mind in detail, whereas Google focuses on its function.

Both the companies have their fan base. Both of them are not similar in the price range. Google provides mid-range smartphones and apple provides flex ship smartphones. Google‘s initial profit margin is comparatively low and apple smartphone cost used too much higher than the product cost. But yes, Apple spends a lot of money in RND (Research and Development) sector. iPhone product users are more loyal than Pixel Client.

iPhone vs. Pixel:

Google Vs Apple Smartphones

Both iPhone and Pixel have multiple cameras sets having great focus capability. Both can click the best pictures and videos. iPhones are expensive than Pixel phones, this is due to their processor capabilities.

Apple uses A15 Bionic that has AI capabilities, but Apple is not using it so much. Pixels’ AI is capable of real-time translation, built-in automatic speech recognition, and creating live captions for media. Pixel has provided the best editing tools and, with the latest release, a Tensor-dedicated AI processor.

Apple uses a ceramic display like Sapphire which is capable of saving from scratches than glass and is more brittle. Google uses Corning’s Victus, which promises scratch resistance in line with ceramics, but it should be more resistant to cracking than ceramics.

Google vs. Apple Smartphones - Google Pixel 6 Pro vs iPhone 13 Pro

Pixel provides more value for money smartphones with maximum features. The iPhone costs more but gives you the Apple ecosystem. iPhone products are the symbol of status for many users.
Finally, for users who use smartphone as a tool and needs more features, Pixel is the most ideal decision, while those that think about the smartphone as a greater amount of a frill and status symbol will favor the iPhone. Generally, you’ll be most joyful on the off chance that you pick the smartphone that best matches both what you’ve done before and your way to deal with personal technology.


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