Can we trust benchmarks test and speed test?

Can we trust benchmarks test and speed test

Can we trust benchmarks test and speed test? Should we trust the speed and benchmark test of a mobile, tablet, or any electronic device? If any test is performed then the test result will be the same if it is tested in any condition. For example, if you test a length of a stick in one place, the length of the same stick should be the same in another place. This is called a standard test. This can be achieved by using standard parameters to measure. We need to apply standard tests and scientific tests to compare the devices or test the performance of devices.

Speed Test:

While performing a speed test we open the different apps in different devices and compare which device opens it faster. This type of approach is not sufficient because technically it works differently. Every OS works differently. It manages apps in a different way. And the output is also dependent on the background apps. The speed of the apps that use the internet depends on the latency of the internet. Including animation speed and cache, there are a lot of internal and external factors that impact the speed of apps.

Can we trust benchmarks test and speed test? - cpu benchmark test and speed test

CPU benchmark test and speed test

Battery Drain Test:

The battery charging test is fair, but the battery drain test is not accurate and has standard methods. We open different applications and check which device will drain the battery fast. The battery consumption of any device also depends on its background applications. Different devices may use a different number of mandatory background applications.

Thermal Throttling Testing:

Thermal Throttling Testing works on the basis of the highly intensive task. When the processor takes a heavy workload, it produces heat. The cooling system can absorb heat fast enough to maintain temperature. The processor automatically slows down its performance to reduce the heat, this is done by dropping down its clock frequency.

Mobile devices have a passive cooling system. All mobile devices do thermal throttling because it does not have an active cooling system. Because mobile does not have a dedicated fan to cool down your device as a Laptop or PC has. There will be a problem when there is overheating and lags the performance of devices. By using two or there we cannot check the impact of overheating caused by thermal throttling.

Benchmarks Testing:

A device will get a high benchmark score if it can process the same task quicker than another device. Benchmark tests can tell us the performance of different processors. But it never can test the actual performance of the overall device. Overall, the performance of a device in a real-world scenario cannot be measured only by a benchmark test.

Finally, Benchmarks test and speed test worth?

The methods used to test the speed and benchmark score of devices are not scientific methods and standard methods. There are many effecting factors that impact directly and indirectly on performance, speed, and optimization of our devices. Software used to calculate benchmark scores and methods used to calculate thermal throttling, speed test, and battery drain test are not sufficient to get the actual results.

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